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The Beauty of Branding: It's your time to Stand Out!

According to, the number of new businesses in the US soared over the 800,000 mark in 2020. Business Insider marked this as a 13 year high. I have to admit that this is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. Small business resources are plentiful and consumers are more willing to take a chance on something and someone new if that means that they can build an authentic connection to a product or service provider.

With so much new competition on the market, entrepreneurs often ask, is there room for me? My answer is always, yes! As mentioned above, consumers are looking for connection. Branding is how you build that connection. Not to be confused with marketing, branding is unique. It’s a personalized message between you and your ideal client telling them that they belong with you. Whether we know it or not, we are continuously building a brand. Each of us becomes known for “something” and that “something” determines who we attract.

It’s simple, identify your ideal client and build a brand that attracts them. It's your time to stand out! Take a moment to think about brands that have your loyalty. This isn't by accident, it is by design. Those brands have studied you and built their brand messaging to connect with you by way of colors, language, texture, mood and imagery. In today’s competitive landscape, talent alone is not enough. Authentic and intentional brand development will lead to higher client retention and new client traffic by setting you apart from your industry peers.

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone. I’ve tagged a few of my favorite resources to get you started. First, check out these 3 easy branding steps from my friends over at Gloss Genius. Also, visit The Beautyprint Shop to check our branding e-book. Let’s build together!

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