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At Home With NYFW

Tips for enjoying New York Fashion Week from the comfort of your very own home.

If you're a fashion lover just like me, you're probably spending a ton of time viewing the latest runway news on your social media feeds. New York Fashion Week is the most anticipated fashion event in the world. The only problem is that it's really hard to take in the full experience when you're enjoying the moment from home. Lucky for you, I'm sharing a few easy to manage tips that can help make the #nyfwathome experience easier for those who want to stay connected with the latest trends and news.

  1. Subscribe to receive industry news directly to your inbox. WWD is my go-to fashion and beauty resource. This is one subscription that's well worth the price if you're looking to receive news that impacts the industry daily. For $19.99 USD subscribers receive unlimited access to and the WWD mobile app. Subscribers also receive the Digital Daily industry briefing via email each morning. This year, I also joined Vogue Club. There I've been able to connect to exclusive events, interviews and behind the scenes footage directly from Vogue. Vogue club is available for $25.oo USD monthly.

  2. Take a digital journey with your favorite fashion influencers. This season, I am enjoying the view from the digital feeds of my go-to industry gurus. They are giving us behind the scenes views from private events, street style, and of course the runway. My top 3 NYFW tour guides this season are, The Blonde Misfit, Life of Tonya Marie and High Low Luxxe. These ladies are giving full blown fashion inspiration, along with a very fresh take on a longtime tradition. Also follow them on social for more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration. (Below Photos Cred: Each site tagged above)

  1. Go straight to the source. Recently I subscribed to NYFW The Shows. While this resource caters to those looking for in-person experiences, its serving as my go-to guide to for show dates and events. There are also unique opportunities to view footage virtually.

  2. Be inspired by what you're seeing. You may not be on the streets of New York, but surely you're a fashion lover. Now is the time to add a little NYFW inspiration into your look. This season, I am inspired by the 25th anniversary of the Fendi Baguette. I can't be the only one with this bag on my vision board for years before snagging my own. The Fendi Baguette became a fashion girl staple after making its appearance on the iconic series, Sex and the City. To commemorate the occasion, I pulled my Fendi Baguette out of its dusk bag to wear as my featured accessory throughout the week. I am also inspired by a few more trends we're seeing on the runway and in the streets like layered textures, dressy denim, and sport chic. I have to say, my mommy style is definitely getting an upgrade.

  3. Explore fashion trends by visiting your local beauty retailer. Beauty plays a huge part in bringing fashion trends from the runway straight to the consumer. Beauty accessible, affordable, and low-risk. Visit your local beauty retailers to check out new launches, try-out new trends and chat-up the staff to learn what's keeping them inspired in store.

Hopefully, you found a few helpful tips on this list. For more, subscribe to to my list

Xo, Shay Bailey

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